5 rounds: air squats, push jerks, double-unders

5 rounds for time of:
25 Air Squat
15 Push Jerk (135#)
25 Double Unders
Post time to comments. Tweet time @CrossFit757.

They’ve never felt so alive.

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  1. 24.08
    Only did 4 rds @ 135#. Too much weight for a guy coming off of a 2wk upper respitory infection…or maybe just too much weight…

  2. 19:37 rx’d
    Great work Diana and Jess Ryan for their first WOD with rx’d double unders!!!!!!!! Woop woop!

  3. 23:09 @125
    If you recently borrowed my Buddy Lee rope (red handles, my name on tape on the handle) and broke the cord, please replace the cord.

  4. 33:11
    83#/ 1st time ever doing a real double under and then I did 125 double unders one at a time for the WOD:)YEAH!!!
    Thanks for all the cheering and sorry it took so long!!! Also congrats Jess Ryan on the du’s and good job Taylor for going RX!!!

  5. 23: and some change (i think) #95. sub the 1st set of push press w/ 50 push ups because my wrists felt like they were breaking all over again. but with some coaching from will, it was tolerable. thanks brother.

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