Ruby Martin

Ruby Martin


  • CF Level I
  • USAW Level I


I found Crossfit around 2013 when my former boss asked to accompany her to a Crossfit box for a Groupon deal back in IL. I remember my first class included hill sprints and I really thought I was going to throw up during it! I found a sense of accomplishment doing something so intense and challenging. Crossfit helped me to quit smoking and live a healthier lifestyle. Best of all I met my husband in a CF gym! It was love at first wod. Eventually my love for the community led me to wanting to share that experience through coaching. I obtained my L1 and my USAW certification eventually and love being able to share the knowledge and experience I have to my 757 family. Favorite movements: oly lifts, heavy deadlift metcons and box jumps are my jam! Least fave movements: running, rowing, walls balls….I guess tall people workouts? Lol

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