Kevin O'Dea

Kevin O'Dea


Although I played soccer in Northern Virginia all throughout grade school and high school, I started a more traditional weightlifting-fitness journey after joining the Navy in 1999.  While stationed in San Diego, California in 2004, I was introduced to CrossFit programming and methodology. After leaving the service in 2005, I grew my fitness experience by managing big box gyms, owning a personal training studio as an ACE Certified trainer, and guiding people along the journey of health and fitness across many age groups and capabilities.  I joined the CrossFit 757 family in August of 2014 and would go on to complete the Level 1 CrossFit Course during the summer of 2015 and started coaching soon after. I successfully completed the Level 2 Course in December of 2019 and have further educated myself with other courses that CrossFit HQ offers online.  I love the idea that CrossFit is for nearly everyone and that every programmed workout, no matter how intimidating or complex, can be made to fit all walks of life, not matter their level of health, fitness, or experience. I am married to Zoe who has been a local yoga teacher in Norfolk since 2011. When not partaking in CrossFit or yoga, we love to get outdoors and hike locally and in the mountains of Virginia.

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