Ashley Galletta

Ashley Galletta


As a kid I grew up performing classical ballet and transitioned into ballroom. When I was 13, I became a world champion dancer, way before Dancing with the Stars was popular. I devoted the rest of my time to playing softball, volleyball, and swimming seasonally. I decided to focus on softball and excelled on travel teams and my local high school team landing myself a spot on a Division II college softball team.

Fast forward to having kids. I needed something outside of Globo Gyms to help lose my baby fluff. I found CrossFit and fell in love. One, with the results, and two, with the community.  The community is absolutely the best thing about CrossFit. After 3 years in, I decided to go for my L1.  I am now rounding my 10 year mark and I’ve learned so much. I even leveled up to my L2!

CrossFit indirectly assisted in preparing me for my career in the fire department. And continues to keep me in a position to perform vigorous tasks. CrossFit brought back that team camaraderie that I had missed from  sports and dance over the years. I couldn’t imagine a better environment to develop my strength, coordination, and flexibility while at the same time developing lifelong friendships.

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