Grace Moriarty

Grace Moriarty


  • CF L1


From the age of six I swam competitively, continuing on to the division I collegiate level. Following this, I continued to workout and prioritized my health, but I felt that something was missing.  I realized I needed something more than your typical weightlifting/strength training gym session. I remember feeling bored with my training and wanting something more. At this time, my mom had been doing crossfit for about two years and wanted me to try a class with her. I went with her back home in Connecticut, and was immediately hooked. Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging, which was something I didn’t realize I was missing from having a team throughout my life, as a swimmer. I felt pushed and motivated again, by not only the people, but the workouts.

Fast forward to moving to Virginia in January 2021 and finding Crossfit 757, I immediately felt welcomed and knew it would be a great place to better myself and meet some really awesome people. The athletes were welcoming, staff were encouraging and everyone made me feel as though I had been with the gym for years.
After a few months, I realized that with the passion I have for helping others could be used to coach. Leading me to take the necessary steps to obtain my Level 1. I am thrilled to be able to coach at Crossfit 757 and have a positive impact on the athletes!

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