AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
400m Run
3 Rope Climbs
Post completed rounds to comments or tweet @CF757.

Congratulations go out to all our athletes that pushed hard for the last 7 weeks to compete in the CF Games Open. You are all heroes and deserve a pat on the back for your hard work.

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  1. What the CrossFit Open Sectionals Taught Me:
    I’ve been a CrossFit athlete for a year and a half, so I have a bit to learn yet. When I threw my hat in the ring for the CrossFit Open Sectionals, I understood I would be doing it for the experience and the fun (and it was a lot of fun). And what an experience it turned out to be! Here is what I figured out:
    Don’t think; do. I’m not trying to sound like a small green alien of Sci-Fi fame, but it’s true. If I spent too much time thinking about the workout; trying to build a strategy or figure out reps per minutes; I ended up thinking about it during the workout. And let me assure you, thinking during a WOD is a huge time waster. By week 4 I realized that as long as I understood all the movements and standards, I didn’t need to think about much else.
    Pace = Go as hard as you can, until you can’t go. I started my athletic career as a Cross Country runner. Pace was everything. The sectional workouts were sprints, all of them, even week 5. I tried working a pace for the first 3 week’s workouts and realized it wasn’t doing me any good. No matter how fast I went on the first couple of rounds, I was still sucking wind by the end. But, if I started hard and kept pushing, I got a lot of reps completed before I was sucking wind so bad I couldn’t move.
    Eventually, any weight gets heavy. It doesn’t matter how much is on the bar, if I lift it enough times, it will feel heavy. However, if I treat the weight as heavy from the beginning of the WOD, it takes longer for it to actually get heavy.
    Technique, technique, technique. Some movements are unforgiving, overhead squats come to mind. Executing a less than perfect overhead squat takes a lot out of me. Which means every overhead squat after that suffers, becomes less perfect and pretty soon they are just crap. For every sloppy overhead squat I managed, I’ll bet I could have done two good ones. Taking the time to execute good technique during a workout is time well spent.
    The rep you just did, or didn’t do, is gone; forget it and focus on the rep you are about to do. This is actually something I learned as a marksmanship instructor, but it applies to most things, CrossFit in particular. When I failed a rep, or got a non-rep, I couldn’t afford to beat myself up over it. Time spent bitching at myself for not making the last rep was time not spent doing the next rep. I had to focus on what I needed to do and do it (read lesson one).
    I’m glad I competed this year. What place I finished doesn’t matter, what I gained as an athlete made it well worth it. I’m sure I will compete again next year and apply what I learned throughout the year it takes to get me there. And I want to thank all the folks at 757 for the support and the knowledge!

  2. Nice post Don….
    Alternate AMRAP… 20 BJs, 400m run, 10 RRs.. got 4 rounds+9 BJs. WOW>. the GHD ext/situps from yesterday took a lot out of my legs.. BJs notsomuch fun today!

  3. Don, thanks for sharing. Crossfit has definitely had an effect on my life much beyond just getting stronger and faster too.

  4. Yep, good stuff Don.
    Cyn, glad to see you back.
    Good work everyone, both competitors and volunteers alike, remember we could not have had it go off without a hitch as it did without all the help from those who volunteered as judges or to assist with logistical efforts.
    Thanks to all of you.

  5. Thanks for the post Don. I was definitely inspired watching you and our other Crossfit Games competitors giving it their all.

  6. 3 Rounds with 9 HSPUs off of the box with one plate. Between this Wod and Sunday’s bingo, my legs are spent…

  7. 2 rounds (+15 HSPU, 400m & 5 rope climb subs)
    Subs all around. Glad I did this workout. Felt good afterwards.
    Came home and went for a walk with my daughter and my doggy. 🙂

  8. 2 rounds plus 15 HSPU and 400m run
    HSPU on bands and rope subs
    Congrats on getting to regionals Court!!!

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